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2012 Christmas the hang LED lamp is acted the role of the wind

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Christmas ( 圣诞节) Is an important Christian festival, every year December 25 to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. With the coming of Christmas, 2012, in the environment, saving energy and environmental protection all over the country to hang up a Christmas LED light wind, advocate green decoration, green living. Across the country, whether consumers or each big stores are selling point for energy saving energy saving LED lighting. e. g。 Carrefour Christmas go Nordic amorous feelings, the Christmas tree lights is given priority to with high brightness LED decorative light, save electricity, good decorate good collection, as long as the simple transform hanging ornament, adorn article can create different amorous feelings; Sha tin new town plaza, for hk $18 million, with more than 100000 LED bulbs make Christmas lights; Hong Kong's new town plaza for the Christmas LED lighting lighting ceremony. LED Christmas lights products more and more mature, the price also is more and more people.
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