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About led wash wall lamp are the main technical characteristics?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
About led wash wall lamp are the main technical characteristics? LED wash wall light in design is different with the ordinary lamps and lanterns, the author first introduce you to the parameters of the LED wash wall light first, LED wash wall lamp voltage can be divided into five kinds, everybody should pay attention to the analysis to choose the corresponding voltage select one of the most appropriate to use. Second, wash the wall lamp is mainly the use of the site is basically in the outside, therefore, also to the requirement of temperature is higher, the outdoor temperature requirements of the usual generally is between 40 and 60 degrees below zero, the vast majority of wash wall lamp is made of heat dissipation sex good aluminum basically can satisfy the basic requirement of people to wash the wall lamp, of course, when consumer is buying all want to buy a good quality LED wash wall light, this time to choose the company with a better public praise is the best choice. Third, different washing wall lamp on the use of lamp bead amount is different, the lamp bead in the market have different grades, different quality of lamp bead is in use process will affect the intensity and effect of light source, generally pay big money to buy the LED wash wall lamp proposal goes to normal place to choose, so quality is guaranteed. Fourth, the protection grade is an important parameter, wash wall lamp is an important symbol of its service life and quality of guardrail, for this we must carry on the strict requirements, in the outdoor use wash wall lamp is not only to pay attention to the temperature also note waterproof level, such strong defensive can make it last longer. These parameters can be displayed by the outside information, everyone at the time of purchase to read it over carefully. Fifth, LED wash wall lamp, different control strategies in the market with two internal control and outer space two, internal control of washing wall lamp is designers design the control data in the wash the inside of the wall, therefore is called the internal control. The words, the external control is outer connection controller, can change effect through external to the governor. Generally large engineering with external control wash wall lamp, it can better regulation, there are many places in recent years in the use of LED wash wall lamp, such as large companies, enterprises, and government buildings are in use, believe in the future development of these will get more ascension along with the development of science and technology and application.
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