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About led wash wall lamp play the important function of advantage

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
In the city life led wash wall light will cover a wide range of applications for many important building exterior wall decoration will use such lamps and lanterns, the main reason is to do adornment effect is very beautiful, and practical function is particularly strong, in the process of application will also play a lot of important function advantage, will come under the comprehensive introduce for everybody, the wash wall lamp in the application, what can play the advantages, to get the public recognition and love? First led wash wall lamp luminous efficiency is very high, while the power is low but particularly strong light effect, it also represents to the use of energy conservation and environmental protection effect, completely don't have to worry about electric energy waste, within the environment of a variety of different applications can have very good adornment effect, various specifications can choose according to you demand, power is not fixed, therefore in various occasions can be targeted to carry on the design, power can be sensitive to changes according to your demand, to ensure the use effect will be made more perfect. Followed by protection grade is very high, can be used in the process of achieve safer effect, let people more at ease when applied, it is to wash the wall lamp is the most important parameters, it is also an important factor to use quality to a higher standard, waterproof grade usually reach more than 65, and according to the requirements of the different environment, also can have very good compression capability, resistance to fracture and high and low temperature function, under the environment of various limit use, have very good weatherability and impact the effects of aging. Finally led wash wall light color standard is also have very big advantage, divided into 7 colour full color and monochrome, and can also directly through the software system operation control, can form various dynamic changes in color, not only can adjust the luminous point of view, can also be effective for the projection interval design, can satisfy the demands of various environmental adornment effect, also can let the dynamic changes of the overall better security, nature will make use of advantages to get. More LED information in: photoelectric website
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