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Add much treasure will crossover into the LED lighting?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Recently, there are news talk cool tea enterprises will add much treasure in LED lighting, have factory looking for cooperation with much treasure. @ LED high club founder ja-gyeong wrote on weibo, LED lighting summer! Drinks leading brand and much treasure will move into the LED lighting: the learned from informed sources within that there has been a manufacturer is looking for cooperation with much treasure, together with the LED application market this summer. These people say, believe the news will be confirmed by market in the next two months, if the millet LED lighting market is everyone's guess, plus the stupa LED lighting market will be a what kind of business model? Looking forward to together! Herbal tea market competition increasingly fierce, and treasure this is because of its' first tank 'title instead of looking for a new growth point of enterprise car-scrapping, unknown. Intellectual lighting meaning into LED industry development trend of the LED industry gold rush back, cross-border integration wind constantly, network detonation cool tea enterprises with much treasure will crossover into the LED lighting, long worn out really won 900 million in the tsinghua tongfang, bright and beautiful crystal electric plans to integrate its two big investments LED assembly house technology, Edison and flourishing day do their transformation. The feast of lighting, however, LED products in China market in the United States has played a 'have product unlicensed' awkward role. The recent 2014 Taiwan international lighting technology exhibition held ( 尖) Ct liu, director, Taiwan industry institute lightning is put forward about the LED lighting industry from mass production to design 'syllogism. Industry in the future, he thought, if want to continue in the LED industry lambe, from the past 'mass production' concept to as' design concept, after all 'wisdom lighting emphasizes not' quantitative ', but a 'feeling'. Visible and real meaning to carry out the intelligent lighting, is LED industry to break quite important trend in the future.
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