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Ancient buildings and ancient towers lighting design skills respectively have?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Ancient buildings and ancient towers lighting design skills respectively have? Source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 08 - 07 views: ancient architecture is a carrier of urban development history, humans too precious cultural heritage, ancient architecture, to discover, protect and carry forward is something we can do, the night scenery of the ancient building lighting is to attract more people attention, carry forward the ancient buildings of a kind of method. So what must pay attention to the details of the ancient building lighting design? About lighting design of the tower, should grasp what again? Zhongshan lighting engineering co. , the authors explain for you below: lighting one of the first principle is not destroyed, thus to fully understand the architectural language, understand the building shape, decoration, color, etc. , with a fear mentality to classic. The characteristics of the tower is a tall, often is a region of the iconic structures. Tower modelling is very rich and varied materials. We must first understand ancient architecture must pay attention to the details of the surroundings: 1, the night scenery of the ancient building lighting design should be on the premise of protection of ancient buildings and the installation of lamps and lanterns, pipeline laying can damage the overall structure of the ancient buildings. 2, most solemn ancient architecture style, composed, lighting design, selection of light source, color temperature shoulds not be too high, colour shoulds not be too much, too bright, should be given priority to with warm color attune, especially pay attention to not have astigmatism. 3, hexiang lighting engineering should choose low uv lighting light source and analyzing uv lamps and lanterns, because ultraviolet light can damage the ancient painting and building structure. 4, lighting lamps and lanterns should be small in size and thus protection, anticorrosion, fire prevention performance good surface maintenance lamps and lanterns. 5, hexiang lighting light source should be used in low power consumption, long life light source, such as LED, optical fiber, etc. 6, hexiang lighting application of electrical equipment, lamps and lanterns and power distribution line must have safety and lightning protection measures. 7, lighting lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns should adopt standard, thus to facilitate maintenance and management. 8, in view of the ancient building is more important, because cannot undertake electrical pipeline installation and installation of lamps and lanterns, can take project-light lamp in a way that the corresponding lighting lighting; In order not to affect the surrounding buildings, also can be used in a portable lighting vehicle, move the car lighting at night to lighting position; Building environment conditions allow, can use lifting gear fixed lighting, light back to the fixed unit during the day, night to lighting the lamp position. Second, lighting recommend in the understanding of the ancient building lighting attention to detail, under the direction of our for tower has been clear about the three necessary details again, as follows: 1, lighting to shape the integrity of the tower the tower body is usually composed of base, the tower, tower a few basic parts, such as they form a harmonious whole. Architects in the design gives the meaning of each part of the corresponding. They all have the corresponding role or function, from the aesthetic point of view, its aesthetic value lies in to a regional erect a landmark. So the complete lighting performance of each part of the tower body is very important, only one part of the performance or alienation partiality to the overall image of the tower. 2, all parts of the tower body lighting set up to consider the demand on the top part of the watch is usually used for remote viewing, lighting intensity should be appropriate higher. Tower part is often bearing part of the architectural style, rich details, should be targeted to choose lighting technique, detailed depicting the tower component and vulture act the role ofing, with emphasis on sexual lighting technique to do the tower on the main part of the outstanding performance; Kentucky is approachable, lighting performance of the part is to complete the integrity of the tower body image, to set the lighting to consider the feelings of people close place to watch, and in the brightness of the lighting, light color, light projection direction configuration, the visual comfort as the goal of the person. In terms of the whole tower body, from bottom to top, lighting light intensity of illumination should be gradually increased, lighting light tonal should change from warm to cold. So that the top part with high brightness for remote viewing, and some top slants cold tonal can cause a feeling of soaring, also accord with people watch the scenery near warm cold visual patterns. 3, lighting technique to combine the structure of the tower body form and proper lighting techniques and materials used way is to constitute the basis of good lighting effect, simple geometry stone structures, such as the Egyptian pyramids from a distance the floodlight lighting is the most feasible means; And like the layers of the eaves of Chinese pagodas, although the flood lighting is preferred choice, but a layered set of lamps and lanterns lighting is more conducive to meticulous depiction of tower body, also can properly show charm of the tower. The tower lighting design in the aspects such as brightness, light color, light projection direction configuration, the visual comfort as the goal of the person. Make all the main tower of light, perspective effect is good, use omni light down from on Kentucky part, make the lighting effect of the tower like a giant standing on the ground. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: ancient building lighting design tower lighting lighting design lighting techniques lighting engineering
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