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Ancient buildings in the design of outdoor lighting lighting what need to be aware of?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Ancient buildings in the design of outdoor lighting lighting what need to be aware of? Source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 04 - 27 views: ancient buildings as the important carrier of history and culture and tourism in the city, the landscape value and commercial value is becoming more and more attention in the night. But the ancient night scene lighting is not very desirable, lighting effect lacks beauty, for ancient architecture protection, energy saving, glare control problem is still a lot of controversy and torture. So, China's ancient architecture lighting design how to design, and what are the key points need to be aware of? 1, aesthetically pleasing, meet the three principles (1) the structure of the aesthetic method is based on lamplight illuminate dot, line, face, bright and dark, the rule of combination of dynamic and static combination to express the structure of the geometry of the United States, administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling. (2) reduce glare interference, reflect the human nature concern due to the installation position of lamps and lanterns, height and the projection direction are likely to form the glare, affecting people's normal rest at night, at the same time also increased the social security hidden danger. Therefore, for the light of lamps and lanterns, the projection Angle and projection direction three aspects for debugging. (3) energy conservation and environmental protection design principle for building lighting design must be considered when the energy problem, as far as possible use of long life, high photosynthetic efficiency high quality energy-saving light source, lamps and lanterns and equipment, such as LED lamps, projector lamps and solar photovoltaic lighting, etc. 2, with emphasis on the roof, lighting obviously a construction characteristics of traditional Chinese architecture characterized by DaWuDing, but after the processing of curved surface and curve and decoration, not seem clumsy. Due to the special traditional Chinese architecture roof form, so the roof should focus on the processing more lighting at night, so that can show the charm of ancient buildings. And the roof forms, materials and the bright colored drawing on the stone decoration, will produce very big effect for lighting. If the roof by tile shop is installed, can be set up at the eaves small light up shots of the light, or setting down the roof of a small project-light lamp cast light down, not only show the traditional roof structure of the aesthetic feeling, and reflects the outline of roofing case become warped. Can also use the outline of the roof, the roof of the specific ideological essence of drawing. Also, the roof ridge and some other details, also can use the small projection lamps and lanterns is the focus of the local performance. 3, to the house as the main object of lighting though the roof of the ancient Chinese architecture form of exquisite, but you can use 'lighting roof, not only have buried under light light up playing on roof arches and house' way of lighting, the pursuit of elegant silhouette contour effect more implicative beauty of Chinese traditional architectural art. Also some colonnade of architecture, to light up the walls of the inner, let is silhouetted against the outside of the component, the effect of also full of the artistic conception of Chinese painting. 4, roof combined with a house and lighting up slope roof, shine on house column or wall at the same time, is also a way to express the traditional Chinese architectural lighting. But the combination of lighting, prone to equal the parts all parts very bright lighting or buildings, therefore, should pay attention to the building lighting light and shade relations. According to the construction of the Ming, time, wait you column of studio lighting, highlighting fust rhythm and eaves width and stone rich relations. / parts which lights to strengthen measures to make the upper plaques more compelling. Can set up the outside of the building project-light lamp, lamps and lanterns is hidden in the greening of the surroundings, even can be combined with green lighting. 5, domestic the most core design technique, ancient building lighting design is 'respect the classic, classic' performance. A lighting designer or a lighting design team before the ancient building lighting design, the most basic requirement is based on a comprehensive understanding of all kinds of ancient buildings corresponding, according to the architectural style of ancient buildings, use function, finishing materials, structure features, decorative pattern and ancient buildings of the surrounding environment, seize the key part of the ancient building lighting design, while the focus is to take into account the overall effect of the multiple space of ancient three-dimensional lighting design method, to fully show the art of ancient buildings. 6, 'see the light of sight lamp' is the most commonly used in the design of lighting design technique, and ancient building lighting is one of the most typical representative of the concept. Unlike traditional culture pays great attention to dao, the Chinese people on the aesthetic concept, has always been with Taoist inaction more close to the point of view, this concept is embodied in all aspects of the aesthetic, including ancient architectural lighting. Ancient architecture lighting, modern people do have to implement the idea, let the ancient buildings with living attitude. To protect key historical building lighting design, whatever for lighting purpose, first, from the perspective of protection of buildings to reduce fixed in the building itself of lamps and lanterns. Ancient architecture represents the traditions of our beautiful feelings, in order to explore a path of ancient building harmonious coexistence with lighting design, reasonable and effective expression of the characteristics of the ancient buildings and grace for the building. 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