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Article LED lighting industry into the busy season is widely

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
With the traditional peak season season 2 into the LED product, the market demand is clear, is not only related to the manufacturer's operating momentum, lighting also is expected to make the LED ethnic theme, prosperous to at least 2015 years from now. LED lighting in the product price, policy, and actively promote the lighting manufacturers, the market demand rapid growth, which China banned the sale and import of incandescent lamp, with the policy to promote LED lighting applications, make relevant enterprises 1 revenue is generally better than expected. As a new industry busy season approaching, plate market is about to begin. Globally, the LED industry continued rapid development in 2014, boom degree is high. Ping an that this round of the LED industry boom bounce will throughout the year, even continue into the future of LED home lighting enhance permeability of two or three years time. Since the start of the global LED industry chain company's share price has the obvious rise, while a-share companies has lagged. We think the market underestimated the family lighting after the outbreak of the LED industry upward flexibility, short-term pullback could usher in a golden opportunity of industry overall arrangement. Shenyin Wan Guoyan reported that, in the LED industry as a whole under the background of the outbreak of benefit from the lighting requirements, 2013 - 15 years at the sustained, rapid and permeability ascending stage, 14 years global LED lighting is expected to increase 90%, the number of penetration will reach 20%. China markets, shenyin wanguo estimates that 2014 - 15 years of growth of 65% and 43%. As the market gradually formed of industry growth expectations, shenyin wanguo believe that the following LED investment will rebound from the bottom of the mining to find beyond the real growth of the industry, early to rise significantly weaker than dark horse quality companies. Shenyin wanguo recommendations focus on three Ann photoelectric, chau Ming science and technology, sun lighting, Switzerland abundant photoelectric, hong optoelec, foshan lighting. Three Ann photoelectric chip companies is becoming a global competitiveness, with a strong strategic planning and execution, exists to the downstream and compound semiconductor lighting application potential, the company the latest adjustment of investment plan, will be 200 sets machines in xiamen construction new industrial base, to further consolidate the company's leading position; Chau Ming lighting business in emerging Internet channel of science and technology a step ahead, is about to be born; Sun lighting LED lighting manufacturing ability outstanding will be steady growth; Switzerland abundant photoelectric and hon photoelectric demand, lighting encapsulate business proportion is higher; Foshan lighting has the advantage of low-cost manufacturing.
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