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Asia Europe America compete for LED international standards

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
For a long time, the European and American developed countries put the standard and testing is extremely important position, is used to standardize the market, speed up the promotion and application of LED lighting products. At present, the LED lighting product standards relating to electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility, light color requirements, such as life, biological safety requirements. In the international commission on illumination ( CIE) And the international electrotechnical commission ( IEC) Organizations, such as Asia, the americas, Europe, the rights to standards competition is increasingly fierce. LED lighting is mandatory and voluntary standards, formulate department, standard structured three-dimensional matrix structure, contains a wide range, etc. 1, in Asia: do the LED standard come on stage is relatively backward, China should draw lessons from the advanced experience of the European Union and other countries, from the most urgent and the standard of the greatest influence on product development, rapid develop some standard or specification, which is helpful for the industrial development makes the industry enterprise can reference. 2, America: American invested a lot of manpower material resources in this aspect, headed by the national institute of standards and technology NIST, in-depth study of semiconductor lighting detection technology, and more organizations and institutions also respectively or jointly issued 12 LED related standards, another 10 studies are in the process of making, the north American lighting association ( IESNA) LM - release And LM - 79 80 and other technical specifications has a broad and deep influence on a global scale. 3, in Europe: Germany uphold the consistent rigorous style of work, by the German physics institute of technology ( PTB) Lead the domestic industry to denounce is gigantic endowment for testing technology and standardized research. More important, such as the United States and Germany are using their own technology advantages and influence in the international organization, strive for international standards in the field of LED lighting.
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