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Be clear led line light selection and installation of knowledge

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Application of led lamp line in our life more, in order to guarantee the lamp after installation, can have a good using effect, need people to know this light selection and installation of knowledge. First, the selection of led lamp line. On led lamp line selection, depends on the thickness of the PCB, the thicker the thickness of the board, so the better the flexibility of the lights will be, the product will have better heat dissipation, so people in the choice of lamps and lanterns belt of light, and the best to the board with the hand gently flexed, curved radian to note cannot too big, generally not more than ninety degrees, otherwise may make light damage, is generally thick PCB gives a person feel more heavy. Then people can put the lights up for a period of time, look at the effect of light, in the light of the lamp, can bring light bending, in order to avoid lights in virtual welding, if light spot welding was weak, so may be in the light after a period of time, a group or an array of light is not on, during the process of the lights, can also touch lamp tape, if lamp belt feels very hot, so the quality problem of the lamp is worth considering the heat dissipation is bad light band, its are generally shorter service life. Second, the installation of led lamp line. In the lines of the led lamp belt for installation of lights, and the need to pay attention to the work environment, lamp according to different work environment, to select the suitable products, if lamp installation environment is dry, then the light belt does not need to be waterproof, if lamp working environment is damper, so it is best to use waterproof products, product installation environment should avoid long time high temperature and humidity, because temperature is too high and too wet, will affect the use effect and service life of the lamp tape, so advise people in such an environment to install lamp tape, take some necessary protective measures. On product installation, advising people to adopt the method of parallel, had better not use series, series because, once the lamp with a problem, so will cause the entire circuit malfunction. Lines to make the led lamp can have longer service life and so on to install it, you need to choose the right product, and then install it to the right place, and in the usual time, to do the daily maintenance and maintenance, when not to use led lamp line, turn off the switch, so that we can achieve the purpose of saving energy, still can prolong the service life of lamp tape, under the bad weather when using this product, also need to pay attention to safety problems, to avoid safety accident.
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