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Before installing LED wash wall light which tests to do?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Now in many important areas, you need to use all kinds of lamps and lanterns to decorate, the inside of the city park and all kinds of tall buildings, you need to use some lights, including LED wash wall lamp, so the demand that wash wall lamp is very large, but there are some people after buying the lamps and lanterns, can diy installation, it can save more money, but before the completion of the diy, also need to know more technical knowledge and problems, such as before the wash wall lamp is installed you need to do a good job of comprehensive testing, these tests work includes what then? First, fault testing, although for some big brand LED wash wall lamp, they are very strict to the requirement of product quality, production of products are also has the high quality, but also hard to avoid can appear some omissions may put some such defective instruments in the market for sale, so after buying these wash wall lamp, do not be eager to install, but should be first to test its performance, see if there are any fault, if you have any fault, you should timely take the transpose of a manufacturer or distributor. Second, waterproof test due to some special LED wash wall lamp need applies in the middle of the outdoor environment, even is likely to need to install in the bottom of the pool, so in this case, is to wash the wall lamp waterproof put forward higher request, the pollution can guarantee it in the environment of the storm or still can maintain a long life, then you must reach a certain level of waterproof, so before installing, also need to comprehensive test of waterproof, especially when installing the outdoor wash wall lamp, more need to pay attention to the completion of the work, also need to test its dust capacity. Third, most people should be able to know the temperature rise test, for all kinds of light source in the process of use, it will produce a certain quantity of heat, such as the LED light source is likely to produce large amounts of heat energy, so will cause its temperature, and in the case of temperature rise, is a good chance will appear all sorts of effects, such as resistance of circuit is too large, or the various materials burn, etc. , so before installing the LED wash wall lamp, you also need to fully test for health situation, which ensures that he can work normally under high temperature for a long time. This is before installing the LED wash wall lamp need to do a good job in test, if can do this work in general can guarantee these wash wall lamp can normal use for a long time, of course, also need to be in the use of the process of cleaning, such ability can guarantee its brightness will not be swallowed up by the dust.
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