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Beijing wukesong underground car park with a total investment of 10. 9. 8 billion yuan using intelligent LED lighting system

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Learn from the Beijing municipal commission of transport: the total investment is 10. 9. 8 billion yuan in Beijing wukesong underground parking lot, Jingxi region's largest parking) Formal construction with a total area of about 7. 840000 square meters, is expected to build 3000 parking Spaces. Beijing wukesong underground parking lot properly set lighting, emergency lighting, lighting and transition lighting on duty. The normal lighting in the parking lot device adopts the intelligent LED lighting lamps and lanterns, can detect vehicle movement, open time control lamps and lanterns, to achieve 'on-demand lighting', in addition, lighting, set at the entrance of parking lot of the transition to prevent due to the change of light to the driver. Beijing wukesong underground parking is the first government leading, enterprise operation mode to parking project construction management, construction is expected time for two years, 2014 years to complete, the Beijing public company will be responsible for operation of the wukesong parking lot.
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