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Building a green airport LED lighting project

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Building a green airport LED lighting source: the reconstruction project of zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 04 views: enter 'barbecue' model of zhongshan heat, heat the wave height. In front of the high temperature more than in previous years, energy conservation and emissions reduction, reducing the greenhouse effect is more urgent. As zhongshan, zhongshan pudong international airport, one of the large public buildings, energy conservation and emissions reduction has been the pudong airport is the core content of the strategy of 'green airport'. With the completion of the pudong airport terminal LED lighting engineering ShuYun to from pudong airport during the period of a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists can feel two terminal system more downy lamplight, the light is more appropriate, the overall waiting environment due to the improvement of the lighting becomes more affinity and pleasant. More happily, due to the LED lighting technology, energy consumption has fallen sharply in pudong airport, energy conservation and emissions reduction benefits of ascension. For earth 'cool' in sorching summer, the pudong airport in action. Two pudong airport terminal is relatively concentrated energy consumption of large public buildings, a total construction area of 480000 square meters. T1 terminal and T2 terminal has been put into operation respectively reached 16 years and 7 years. For years running, according to records terminal lighting system is the second largest energy consumption is second only to air conditioning system of the airport. To this end, the pudong airport in every area of the terminal to choose reasonable lighting scheme and energy-saving lamps and lanterns, and combining the building lighting control system for the terminal to implement energy saving, intelligent lighting transformation is the main attack direction in the construction of 'green' airport. Airport experience from abroad, in the lighting system of the numerous means of energy-saving and measures, the new technology of LED lighting is a significant breakthrough of energy saving of the airport. LED lighting lamps and lanterns, as a kind of semiconductor devices, the useful life of up to 50000 hours, than the original energy-saving lamps and lanterns can prolong service life of more than double. Moreover, compared with the traditional lighting technology, LED lamps and lanterns can effectively reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and maintenance frequency. In pudong airport terminal original lighting systems, most of the lighting facilities on the basis of energy saving lamps and lanterns work environment, energy conservation and efficiency than leds have been behind. Therefore, in the pudong airport terminal building lighting energy saving renovation project using LED lamps and lanterns is replacing the original lamps and lanterns, thus greatly improve energy efficiency and reliability. Compared with the traditional energy-saving lamps and lanterns, while changing the LED lamps and lanterns need higher initial cost, but the pudong airport to 'green airport' as the goal, USES the contract energy management ( EMC) New energy management mode, can greatly reduce the facilities purchasing cost, more outstanding is can upgrade by lighting to save a large amount of energy consumption, reduce effectively reduces the operating costs of electricity expenses. Since 2015, pudong airport use contract energy management mode, the terminal of the original energy-saving tube lamp gradually transformed into the sizes of the same LED lamps and lanterns, has been modified to complete more than 5000 sets of lamps and lanterns every year close to 1 million degrees can save electric energy, energy efficiency up to 60%. The field intensity of illumination test, after the transformation of the terminal to the main area to welcome the average intensity of illumination reached around 250 lx, compared with the original 100 lx promoted more than 1 times, intensity of illumination and LED lighting light close to natural light, the illume environment of on the terminal is more soft and comfortable, human eyes are more likely to identify objects in this case, more can reflect the pudong airport 'people-oriented' service concept. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: lighting engineering LED lamps and lanterns of LED lighting lamps and lanterns of LED lighting project
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