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Children's day is the coolest gift fashion LED mini projection is recommended

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Children's coolest gift fashion LED mini projector recommended source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 07 - Views: 31 of this year's children's day coincided with Dragon Boat Festival is not far away, although there are a lot of parents on children's day can't go out to play with your child, but the Dragon Boat Festival small long vacation can make up for back. On children's day, of course, parents give children gifts cannot be missing. LED mini projector using the characteristics of low carbon energy saving, can accompany children through a children's day, no radiation and low carbon big screen watching cartoon, also does not hurt the eye; And parents to give children the most special coolest present. LED mini projector products a lot, but the appearance of fashion, performance stability and ease of use aspect, we should choose to have the strength of the LED when the choose and buy the projector manufacturers. The first domestic LED projector manufacturers, samsung as in appearance design and performance are very outstanding; Otto yards PK301 as the most easy to use, to different users can easily implement interactive digital products with our own; There are 3 m's MP180 and LG HX300G with touch screen function. Below we together to look at their respective market dynamics. Samsung SP - H03 using LED light source design, the brightness of 30 lumen, and support U disk demonstration function, can be directly play text files, such as WORD, PPT design resembling a rubik's cube, mini fashion, children's day the children at home watching cartoons. At present, the samsung SP - H03 sells for 3599 yuan, like the user to consider. The machine appearance design, with pure black square shape, rubik's cube size and toys. Fuselage, fine workmanship, and design a backlight touch key, highlight and contemporary breath. Samsung SP - H03 adopts DLP display technology, the light bulb using LED light source, life can be more than 30000 hours. Standard to 854 x 480 resolution, brightness of 30 lumens, can clear 40 inches large screen projection. It also supports usb demo to direct broadcast images, video and PPT, EXCEL, PDF and other office files. The figure code PK301 mini projector brightness up to 50 lumens. Fuselage weighing only 230 grams, built-in memory and support SD card directly, demonstration and display HDMI hd interface, users can easily connect with video output function around mobile phone, MP4, camera, etc. Now, the figure code PK301 price down to $2999, merchants can give a tripod a at the same time, interested users may wish to consider. LG HX300G is the apple of a using LED light source, projector and own XGA ( 1024×768) The standard resolution, brightness of 270 lumens, is currently the LED a handheld projector in performance. It looks like a mini disc machine, design fashion rich simple sense, and is equipped with HDMI hd interface, home entertainment is very comfortable. Now, LG HX300G projector is priced at 5999 yuan, like user can consider to buy. LED mini projector a small, users can easily move the demonstration. 30 to 60 inches projection of the picture is very clear, the current 3000 yuan price is relatively cheap, used to replace the ordinary TV in the home also be a better choice. Children's day to children, not only let the children feel accident is novel, but also updates the equipment in the home. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: LED mini projector landscape lighting engineering lighting scenic lighting features of ancient town lighting outdoor playground lighting engineering
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