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Chongqing jiangbei LED lighting lighting electricity saving of 1. 16 million 10 months

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Chongqing jiangbei CBD management committee, deputy director of the standing Song Dan said that after four years of efforts, the total investment of more than 5000 ten thousand yuan, has known as' sitting room of chongqing jiangbei, LED lighting lighting 22 high building renovation is complete. The part of beautiful chongqing night 'green lighting, power saving 1. 16 million degrees 10 months. , yuzhong district, chongqing is one of the most famous here, in the past, the jiangbei lamp act the role ofing, used to be far see 'bright', almost see 'ma ha ha, now, no matter far are' flower 'close look: split, ink landscape, a shooting star chasing past only with yellow paint the beautiful picture of two kinds of light color, reflected in the jiangbei tower, is dynamic and showily. 1, the world trade center: 4000 meters LED lights draw 'ink painting landscape; 2, new century department store: 'eyes of chongqing' dot eyeball here; Building 3, New York, New York: change the stars such as meteor chasing; 4, yingli IFC: body like alexandrite fully. 。 。 。
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