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Choose LED wash wall light should consider what?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Because of the continuous development of lighting technology, and put forward the concept of environmental protection, so now the LED lighting technology has been widely used, now a lot of LED manufacturers also produce many different types of LED lamps and lanterns, such as LED wash wall lamp factory is one of them, the wash wall lamp are used many fields, especially for some large buildings may use this to wash the wall lamp to illuminate the structure of the outline, then wash the wall lamp in the choice of what to consider when? First, you need to consider the color for LED wash wall lamp, its main function is used to draw the outline of the outline of a building, such ability can let the building looks more beautiful at night, so must take into account the effect of irradiation, so in this case, we must pay attention to the colour of the wash wall lamp, because the effect of different colors present is not the same. Second, consider the light intensity is the same need to consider when buying LED wash wall lamp to illuminate the brightness of the problem, because now a lot of the nightlife is very rich, bright lights at night, if the exposure is not enough, so the building looks will seem bleak, there's no way to attract more people's attention, irradiation effect nature is relatively poor, so must choose light and brightness of light! Third, considering the problem of power if need to use a building to decorate, LED wash wall lamp at this time must also take into account the power problem, if the power is too big would cost too much energy, if possible brightness is low power, so be sure to measure between them, shall guarantee to achieve high brightness at the same time, to save energy as much as possible! Fourth, considering the price problem that must be considered is, because if you want to by all kinds of ways to decorate buildings, although all want beautiful buildings to achieve very good effect, but also must consider the cost problem, so when the choice, must consider the price and cost, it is also very important factors that influence cannot be ignored absolutely! Fifth, considering the service life of the service life of the different LED wash wall light is different, so must choose the big brand when buy wash wall lamp, so manufacturers to produce the service life of the lamps and lanterns of longer, so he can avoid the trouble because of the damage of lamps and lanterns. Now many areas will use LED wash wall lamp, but the main one is used in the illumination of buildings, especially for some big construction, to be able to use this to wash the wall lamp to draw the outline of the outline of it, it looks more beautiful at night, but in the choice of LED wash wall lamp, must want to consider the above these problems, so you can buy the appropriate wash wall lamp, can give full play to the role of the it!
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