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Customize the new basic parameters LED wash wall lamp is what?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
Customize the new LED wash wall light will have its own custom method, from the existing LED wash wall light some of the actual situation, has more similarities, so in this case will be introduction to some of their parameters to conduct a comprehensive, but in the new custom LED wash wall lamp, actually should how to customize it? What are the basic parameters? We might as well take a look at together. 【 1 】 Voltage at the time of new custom LED wash wall lamp, basically their voltage can be divided into a variety of different voltage and 220 v, 110 v to 36 v, 24 v, 12 v, so we when choosing power, also want to according to actual condition to select the corresponding voltage. 【 2 】 Working temperature usually custom new LED wash wall lamp, the temperature of the work is also very important, because itself is such a lamp surface usually user is more, so under this parameter will seem particularly important, also to the requirement of temperature is high, generally we require outdoor temperature is between minus 40 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius can work, but at the time of wash wall lamp customization, completely can be done with pretty good aluminum shell, this situation calls for better wash wall lamp to meet the requirements of existing. 【 3 】 LED lamp bead for custom new LED wash wall lamp basically will also have a variety of lamp bead, such as a 300 mm or 600 mm, 900 mm and 1000 mm and 1200 mm of lamp bead, completely can according to each and every one in the customization process, to customize to the requirement of LED wash wall lamp. 【 4 】 Protection grade among the parameters of the wash wall lamp, this is a very important step, it will directly affect the quality of guardrail and important indicators, at the time of strict requirements, in the process of requirement of waterproof outdoor use grades are all above IP65, but also requires the related to pressure and resistance to rupture and the impact of high and low temperature of anti-aging levels, it represents all can enter to the relevant area, and rinse with water without any damage. 【 5 】 Control mode for LED wash wall light at present there are two kinds of control mode, internal control and external control and internal control is the controller without plugins, so designers can design in all the control system inside the washing wall lamp, the degree of effect cannot be changed completely, external control are also external controller, it usually will be able to control the effect of further cases, and basically can change these effects, usually in a large project, customer requirements can be changed their original effect, can use external control of the plan, of course, wash the wall also can support its control system directly.
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