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Customize the new LED wash wall light really works

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Wash the wall lamp utility ratio is higher and higher, now a lot of places can see the emergence of this kind of lamps and lanterns, thus can tell that people are more like to wash the wall lamp created by the luxuriant effect, as the technology improved, now wash wall lamp is not only more profusion colour changeable, but also introduced a custom service, with this service, people will be able to install a more accord with the effect of the scheme, but the new custom LED wash wall light how much you have shortcomings? Whether can the installation of reassuring? Here is to get to know. ( 1) Can add more safety to the environment when we travel at night, can still see a lot because there is no installation of lighting equipment, a dark places, these places are usually considered to be safe enough of the danger zone, and the dark building also let people don't want to close to, now a lot of restaurants or hotels and other buildings will install wash wall lamp, because this kind of lamps and lanterns shine the light of profusion makes everything around more dream, warmth, and customize the new LED wash wall lamp can easily meet the customers' mind, if there is no custom service, so people can only according to the actual situation to adjust the installation scheme of lamps and lanterns, now you don't have to trouble, we can according to the plan to discuss with manufacturer, customize the lamps and lanterns of the effect is better and more beautiful. ( 2) Custom combination more beautiful only suitable lamps and lanterns can have the effect of supplement each other, otherwise it will be because colour is too disorderly or brightness non-uniformity and let a person feel dazzling, wash wall lamp installed in many buildings, in fact, there are the problem, although people have found the problem, but because of the change too troublesome, cost is too high and forget about it, after a new custom LED wash wall lamp, all problems can be solved, this kind of lamps and lanterns can customize according to the specific situation of building a suitable combination, there is even a special dimmer, after the installation is complete, can by adjusting the brightness of the light, effects, such as change the scene atmosphere, to achieve the ideal effect. ( 3) Custom lamp also should pay attention to whether the durable as we all know wash wall lamp need to be installed outdoors, so it's very key is durable, even custom new LED wash wall light also can't forget this, finally presents the effect of a lot of friends to patronize the lamps and lanterns, but forgot to pay attention to whether the quality standard, many manufacturers have product quality closes nevertheless, or bad lighting problem, before long will quickly damage after installation, increases the maintenance costs, also brought a lot of trouble to the users, and bad lighting effect is not too dark is dazzling, let people feel dazzling, avoid these problems can choose the good lamps and lanterns. Something will customize the new LED wash wall light is introduced, the friends will know how to choose to use custom light, although it can bring more convenience to people, but also should conform to the architectural appearance and environment can have a good effect, friends don't make customization, lest self-defeating.
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