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Dongguan city vice mayor guo-ying liang: dongguan LED output will reach 15 billion yuan in 2012

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
A few days ago, standing vice mayor of dongguan city, guangdong province guo-ying liang said in introduction dongguan LED lighting industry situation so far, 160 LED research and development production enterprises, dongguan city, there are 11 complete installation and transformation. 20000 LED indoor lamps and lanterns and 4. 30000 LED street lamp. Is expected in 2012 in dongguan LED output value of 15 billion yuan, 35% more than last year. At present, has formed from the substrate material to the chip to the encapsulation, application, testing, etc. A relatively complete industrial chain, occupy the important position in the domestic semiconductor lighting industry. Guo-ying liang said: in under the uniform deployment of the province, dongguan city, LED lighting application has achieved great progress. Dongguan city with the related departments strengthen the study and communication, to continue in accordance with the superior deployment, to carry out the subsidy policy, to speed up the popularization and application of LED lighting products, for the construction of innovative guangdong make new contributions.
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