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Energy-saving lamps LED lighting the thrifty way

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Energy-saving lamps LED lighting source of thrifty way: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 04 - 17 views: in recent years, with the development of lishui city, municipal street lamp quantity level geometric growth. The street lamp is lit up the public's nightlife, illuminates the way home at the same time, but also inevitably consume large amounts of electricity. Today, the reasonable configuration and effective running of the urban lighting system, becoming an important symbol of a city, districts of the city. Lishui power supply company through positive start LED energy-saving lamps green pilot projects, promote street lighting energy saving work of EMC contract energy management, to explore the city road lighting. According to the survey, at present there are 71 lishui city road 10 city road lighting, consumes about 942 a year. 20000 KWH, per kilowatt hour zero. 9 yuan, electricity spending $8. 48 million a year. 942 a year. What concept are 20000 kilowatt hours of electricity? Calculated on an average household monthly electricity consumption 300 kilowatt-hours, the electricity is sufficient for a family in 2617. Therefore, the led lighting lamps 'thrifty', is imperative. LED energy-saving lamps early pilot project, the lotus is power supply bureau in establishing work flow, the innovation project form demonstration section and select enough effort and so on various aspects. LED street light project head, said: 'we made clear road lighting transformation goal, task and responsibility, established from the primary diagnosis to project implementation, tracking, feedback, effect evaluation, distilled experience, achievement sharing a set of LED energy-saving lamps modification process, make the team a routing operation, ensure the project implementation of normative, scientific, effectiveness. 'As lishui lotus area zijin road two crane slowly rises, the beautiful mountain city of energy-saving lamps transformation way formally began. The project is the pilot project in lishui energy-saving lamps promotion project, the pilot road 1 km, the need to replace street lamp that 50. LED energy saving lamp used in optical light distribution, the new technology and the substituted reflectors, etc, compared to the traditional high pressure sodium lamp brightness increased four times, light utilization ratio increased by more than 60%, has the stronger light penetration and wider illumination. Laboratory tests, in a constant rate of light color and color rendering, LED energy-saving lamp power consumption than traditional high pressure sodium lamp was reduced by 60%, more bright, more energy saving, environmental protection, green. Lishui green energy-saving lighting city pilot project vision is to become the first city of China's ecological: full of intelligent LED lights tunnel, according to sun light and shade, the higher and lower brightness; City is full of LED solar street light; Above is zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. Edit the lighting industry information, can inquire: for more details. Relevant tags: lighting lighting lighting engineering quality LED lighting lamps and lanterns lighting design lighting engineering construction quality
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