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Foshan LED lighting application is the best in the province and even the whole country

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Application of LED lighting products in guangdong province work positively, head of the annual commission co-chaired foshan LED application situations, said: foshan LED application in the province and even the whole country, is the best. So far, foshan has complete application 31451 lamps, LED lighting products complete a third of the 90000 plan. Foshan city technology bureau deputy director Guo Hong said: 'from the point of the whole situation in guangdong province, foshan is one of the fastest city. 'Currently district, foshan city, town, street' LED lighting lamps and lanterns to replace traditional lighting lamps and lanterns of the boom, foshan new LED project to declare the national 863 project, using high quality LED lamp-house encapsulation technology, the intelligent lighting control technology and so on four aspects; Sanshui district in the near future will start the dart S269 line, four lines such as 2 new roads LED lighting project; Nanhai district including Huang Qijia continent square, southern south China sea farming business bank, packing and so on nearly 20 industrial and commercial enterprises to establish the indoor semiconductor lighting demonstration project; Zen will LED lighting products to the urban areas of renovation and upgrade action plan combining with the city three years. 。 。
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