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Guangdong science and technology enterprise, science and technology financial inspection leading group in foshan investigation work

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Recently, guangdong science and technology enterprise, science and technology financial work leading group made a special trip to visit foshan city for a whole day's LED industry research, accompanied by the mayor Liu Yuelun leadership team visited shunde, foshan city, the city of zen, and the south China sea six representative parks and enterprises, the research point, the leading group are very concerned about living conditions in the process of foshan corporation in LED industry upgrading, 'what's your registered capital? Can you make money? Have any difficulty to the government to solve? ”。 Leading group focus on mining enterprises in the LED industry upgrading, the foshan high-end introduction of achievements in the fields of science and technology, and understand related LED what enterprises in the process of innovation needs the government to give support. According to the schedule, 'technology companies and financial work of science and technology' in guangdong province inspection leading group focus on investigation of industry and information technology research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, guangdong nano engineering center, guangdong industry base of new light source of semiconductor joint innovation center, 6 points.
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