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Hainan province museum exhibition hall 1 diamond public procurement item number of lamps and lanterns: HNZT2012 - 058

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Project name: hainan province museum exhibition hall 1 diamond sourcing project item number of lamps and lanterns: HNZT2012 - Time: 058 solstice 29 October 2012 working hours (nov 02, 2012 09:00 ~ 11 in the morning; 15:00 PM ~ 17:00) ; Location: haikou city blue sky Lucy A809 12th century port; Qualification requirements: 1. Must provide the duplicate of the duplicate of the industrial and commercial business license, tax registration certificate ( Build official seal, the original reference) ; 2. Must provide any 2012 a month of social security and tax records ( Build official seal) ; 3. Must provide for three years before the government procurement activities, there is no criminal record in business activities of declaration letter ( Build official seal) ; 4. For nearly three years, To the deadline of the bid) If there is a museum, art gallery, lighting project performance ( The original reference) ; 5. Manufacturers ( Have the same legal institutions or domestic) In view of this project issued by the project (the original Build official seal) ; 6. Must be in the center after registration and purchase the bidding documents, shall not participate in the project bid; 7. This project does not accept a consortium bid.
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