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High power led buried lights how to maintain?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
In the existing diversity of the world, if shops decorate machine-made, so it is easy to shop, will not attract people's attention, this is one of a kind of psychological norm, because the store will give you a sense of novelty, people tend to see two eyes, and even very curious to go in to look at the specific situation, but sometimes in the process of high power LED buried lights decorate, should decorate a special beautiful, in addition to the indoor outdoor decoration is also very important, we can use more of the high power LED buried lights decorate way to decorate, meanwhile must through high-power cast light lamp to create the appearance of the shop, how to maintain the high power LED buried lights. 【 1 】 Turn off the power supply in high power LED buried lights in the process of practical maintenance, be sure to turn off the power supply to, this is a very important step, and all the lamps and lanterns of maintenance is more important, because it can ensure the whole maintenance process is absolutely safe, and won't harm to produce any product circuit, turn off the power supply so it is very important. 【 2 】 Clean cloth to wipe the high-power LED buried lights, if want to maintain, for they wipe also is very normal one thing, the water rag tend to produce certain harm of lighting lamps and lanterns, so in this case, such as water droplets into the lamps and lanterns, if this occurs, for such a product must have been irrevocably, so in the process of cleaning must not have any water damage. But to remind everybody is here if you want to clean high power LED buried lights, don't use chemicals to wipe clean, such as do not use detergent, because these have chemical substances, often on the surface of the LED high power cast light produce certain corrosion. High-power LED buried lights in the process of maintenance, the maintenance work is very important, generally speaking, if want to install these buried lights, basically also is professional on-site installation, so if want to undertake relevant maintenance, normal when also can choose professional personage to maintenance, may be the beginning, everyone can and these professionals to consult. Appropriate treatment often can let warm late can do a better job for maintenance, so we must especially pay attention to, in this respect in addition to the usual time to also want to pay attention to the whole process of the whole maintenance, this is very important for each of the planners, only to maintain good can prolong life.
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