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High power LED project-light lamp should be how to maintain?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
In recent years, LED project-light lamp is also recognised by the people, more and more industries are also USES high power LED project-light lamp. Then it is in use process, should how to do, to better the corresponding service, in order to better extend the service life of high power LED project-light lamp? Here the author is to simple introduce to you. Want better throw light on high power LED lamp for maintenance, so also is needs to throw light on the LED lights have a better understanding of the characteristics of. Because many areas are also chose the project-light lamp, compared with traditional project-light lamp, high power LED project-light lamp is also can have very good energy saving effect. At the same time, due to the LED project-light lamp light is very good, and is also very long service life, therefore, is also liked by many users. But the LED light in use process, because of this or that problem, so also is easy to appear some small problems. So in order to can better guarantee the life of the LED project-light lamp, so also should pay attention to choose some good quality goods. LED project-light lamp, as it were, also is not installed, do not have a thing. And also is the need for regular maintenance and maintenance, so that to prolong its service life. So in order to prolong its service life better, so also should pay attention to make high power LED project-light lamp, cleaning work. In a clean, some are to be careful not to use wet cloth to wipe, and can choose a few dry dishcloth, for a good clean. Also if there are some more stubborn dirt, it is best to choose professional cleaner to clean, and don't choose some with corrosive liquid to clean. Second, in addition to want to do a good job of cleaning project-light lamp, then in routine work, is also must pay attention to timely check regularly. Especially if it is found that the glass cover, such as fracture, so also want in time it will be removed, in good repair, and don't ignore. Project-light lamp, moreover, in use process, if it is found that the projection Angle has changed, so also should timely adjust the irradiation Angle, in order to better meet our needs. In addition, the high power LED project-light lamp in use process, and also need to pay special attention to, then according to the specifications for use should be paid more attention to, especially found damaged lamps and lanterns, also got to tear open come down to timely, timely maintenance. If can't repair, are to be prepared to change jobs.
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