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High power LED project-light lamp to choose pay attention to?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
LED project-light lamp itself is also called the spotlight, they are able to aim at any direction, will not affected by the climate condition, can effectively control by a microchip, mainly used for large area or local lighting, outdoor and installed in such a product outside, can make the environment is different from indoor on the choice of lamps and lanterns must also want to consider more factors, high power LED project-light lamp on the choice to pay attention to? First, check the chip high-power LED project-light lamp at the time of selection, be sure to check according to the circumstance of reasonable chip, such a device is basically controlled by embedded chip to choice, this kind of lamps and lanterns, I will have a look at the chips, according to the chip to choose, now there are part of the cast light on the market are all high power lamp bead, light bead quality is critical, now of imported and domestic, in general import things relative to domestic things quality is much better, but on the price of it will be a little higher, but in the high power LED project-light lamp to choose a lot of integration chip, the chip will have different kinds of classification, the greater the chip quality is better also, the price would be higher, choose different chip, suggest it is better to choose a regular brand manufacturer chip for purchase. Second, high power LED project-light lamp shell material to look at when choosing the shell material, the shell material of the main role is cooling, due to the work itself is the outdoor work, of course, which have relatively good waterproof performance, sealed performance is relatively good, the entire device is good or bad will directly decides the light failure problem, the size of the shell of lamps and lanterns cooling technology is basically divided into several different ways to transfer, the main route of transmission of the radiator is the conduction or convection, nature of flow radiation heat also nots allow to ignore, and now on the market may appear project-light lamp shell, has violated the three principles of high power LED project-light lamp, so they will be modified. In high power LED light for actual use, not only pay attention to the case, the overall aluminum content is insufficient, at the time of the radiator processing may also face to cut corners, shoddy of this kind of situation, it is recommended that everyone in the choice of high power LED project-light lamp when it is better to choose aluminum material. Third, drive power supply when the choose and buy high power LED project-light lamp also want to explore the driving power supply, if the drive power supply is not very good, like a man had a heart attack, there will be risk at any time, so when choosing these cast light for driver power requirement is very high.
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