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High power led wash wall lamp at the time of testing need to detect what aspects

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Since the recognition by the public use of lamps and lanterns, has been constantly improved, making way also has changed a lot, in order to meet the needs of the public, also introduced many kinds of lamps and lanterns for the purchase. Many people should have seen the lamps and lanterns of various construction will shine, this kind of lamps and lanterns is to wash the wall lamp type, main effect is a decorative effect and lighting, for many buildings, there is a great significance. More common on the market now is high power led wash wall lamp, wash wall lamp performance of this type would be much better, but also can play a good decorative effect colour, just at the end of the installation, a series of checks, so generally need to detect what respect? 1, the temperature rise test no matter what the lamps and lanterns, in fact, in the factory, or after the installation is need to test the temperature rise test, the purpose of this test is to check whether the lamps and lanterns can be normal use, if excessive problems such as fever, is affects the life of lamps and lanterns, may cause dangerous. So after installed high power led wash wall lamp, also must carry on the temperature rise test, ensure lamps and lanterns is in use process, the temperature of the temperature is normal. 2, aging test lamps and lanterns, though not like other products, to install, need to check a lot of things, but still need to detect specific to some aspects, such as high power led wash wall lamp, after installation, need to check the aging degree of lamps and lanterns, testing needs to be enabled when the general lamps and lanterns is 24 hours, so can guarantee the quality of lamps and lanterns is no problem, but also have the effect of prolong service life. 3, waterproof tests actually wash wall lamp is usually used in the construction of their appearance, that is to wash the wall lamp, waterproof test is very important, because want to keep the lamps and lanterns in the rain can be normal use, for waterproof testing is a necessary operation, so after installed high power led wash wall lamp, can waterproof test, if found to have what problem, also can be solved in the first place. Fault test 4, while the high power led wash wall lamp installation using frequency is very high, but because the wash wall lamp when installed more troublesome, if operation have what problem, actually it is easy to cause trouble, so after the installation, is the need to wash the wall lamp for a professional fault detection, this is a very important thing, never can be ignored. Above is for high power led wash wall lamp after the installation, you need to do some operations and processing, in terms of detection of things never can be ignored, because if there is a certain problem, so is the use of lamps and lanterns brings the serious influence, also have harm to the safety.
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