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High quality LED driver power supply should have 10 characteristics

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Really high quality LED driver power supply should have what kind of characteristics or should meet the requirements? Teck company summarizes the following main aspects: high reliability and life: the life of the drive power adapter, with LED the life of the special to like LED street lamp driver power supply, because in a high altitude, maintenance is not convenient, the cost of maintenance is big; High efficiency: the power supply is installed in the structure inside the LED lamps and lanterns, this is especially important. Because the LED luminous efficiency with the rising of LED temperature drops, so the LED heat dissipation is very important. Power supply with high efficiency, its power consumption is small, in the lamps and lanterns of calorific value is small, also lower the temperature of lamps and lanterns, good for delaying the LED light failure. High power factor: with the requirement of increasing the quality of power supply society, people are paying more attention to the power quality and power equipment for harmonic problems. Such as the European Union has issued standards, power greater than 25 w power equipment must have a power factor correction circuit. And many other countries for 30 ~ 40 w LED drive power supply, it is said that soon will probably has certain indicators of power factor requirements. Constant current driver: now there are two general types: one is more than a constant voltage source for the constant current source, each constant-current source separately for each LED power supply. Flexible combination, this way all the way LED failure, do not affect the work of other leds, but the cost would be slightly higher. The other is a constant current power supply directly, leds in series or parallel operation. It has the advantage of low cost, but poor flexibility, but also solve a LED failure does not affect other LED running problem. The appropriate output ripple: output ripple affect the LED light output effect. But reduce the ripple need to use higher quality and capacity of capacitance. In order to improve the power of the whole service life, designers tend to use no capacitance. Engineers must be determined in the output ripple on indicators of compromise. The ability of anti surge surge protection: LED is relatively poor, especially the reverse voltage resistance. Some LED lights installed in the outdoor, due to the power grid load and sling and lightning induction, into the various surge from the grid system and some surge can cause the damage of the LED. So the LED drive power to suppress surge intrusion, ability to protect the LED was damaged. Protection function: power supply in addition to the conventional protection function, the best in the constant current output increase LED temperature feedback, prevent LED temperature is too high. Protection: the lamps and lanterns is installed outside the model structure, power structure to waterproof, moistureproof, shell to fast. To conform to the requirements of safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
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