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How do the LED project-light lamp installation?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
How do the LED project-light lamp installation? LED project-light lamp installation process is more complicated, and there will be a lot of professional problems need to be solved. So if you want to correct for the installation of the product, must especially pay attention to the following factors. Is required for the installation of the first, because this kind of product tend to be more professional, so the installer must be professionals with appropriate qualifications, such ability can safely handle issues during the installation process. Secondly, before moving to LED project-light lamp installation have to be a general inspection of product, this step is necessary. For the installation location choice is more important, the same installation time if there are some flammable material around, so it is important to note that to keep a certain distance. Next on the power line must be careful not to tight, let the power cord can have certain buffer space, the line of the input and output must especially pay attention to. During the entire installation, for circuit is need to have professional knowledge. And for the composition of circuit have to be very familiar with, so once LED project-light lamp is installed, no professional personage in the presence of can't for the corresponding testing and maintenance. This process is need security, and can't have any security hidden danger. So the installation must be carried out under the premise of installation, the power was turned off so that can ensure the installation personnel's personal safety.
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