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How much do you know about LED wash wall lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Now in many big cities nightlife is very rich, but at the time of the night, a lot of places can see colorful lights, these lights look is very beautiful, and also is dazzle colour dazzling, in this case, most of them through a variety of ways in some tall buildings on the use of some lamps and lanterns, including LED wash wall lamp, but there may be some people did not understand this article, introduce you, look at what are the characteristics of it? Light performance is very outstanding when it comes to the LED wash wall lamp, it USES the light is red light, a lot of people for the officials should know, this is a new type of light source, on many occasions and domain, has been widely used, because it is the advantage of itself is very outstanding, LED wash wall lamp is using the LED light source, is because of the advantages of this kind of light source is very much, its first volume is bigger, good heat dissipation capacity, it is because of this characteristic, so the design is more simple, more important is that its service life is very long, on the one hand it is not easy to appear the phenomenon of damage, and in the process of using also can help people save a lot of energy, the same power LED light source lighting source is much higher than normal, so now can apply to the LED light source in many situations, it is so, so we produced the LED wash wall lamp! What are its application places through the introduction of the above can be told, LED wash wall light of LED light source has a very strong light brightness, and irradiation distance is longer, it can reach 1 - 10 meters, so now the lights are used on many large buildings, such as the lighting engineering and commercial places such as all kinds of buildings are likely to use, in addition on highway overpasses and exterior walls also can use this to wash the wall lamp, because the wash wall lamp can be applied to all kinds of microscale environment, both indoors and outdoors can be applied, and its color is very extensive, there are red yellow and green, blue, and the effect of colorful color, so use in building outside wall, can make the building appear unusual night scenery! Which LED wash wall lamp can make an organic combination of light and water, so the light looks more clever, can produce a dreamy feeling. If you did not understand before LED wash wall lamp, then is close friends certainly good to see this article, through the analysis of the article you will be able to wash the wall lamp is the understanding that has many advantages, so he can be widely used, its performance is naturally didn't have to say, because the LED light source is very good, but in terms of performance is very outstanding, can let the building looks more beautiful!
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