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How should the Led project-light lamp maintenance?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
With China's rapid economic development, is now China's cities is becoming more and more prosperous, especially for the north to guangzhou, and some other flourishing metropolis, almost is brightly lit at night, and in the most widely used of these lamps and lighting system including various lamps and lanterns of LED light source, and in this type of lamps and lanterns, still have a kind of got the favour of many people, that is LED project-light lamp, it can play a very important role, but a lot of people is not the right curing method, so what should be how to maintenance can prolong the service life of it? First, wipe the dust for many LED project-light lamp, its application range is more extensive, not necessarily can be used for indoor decoration decoration, at the same time can also be widely used in the outdoor lighting system, and in the case of outdoor lighting, in the long run will certainly bear the sun and rain, so the surface will fall on a thick layer of dust, it will seriously affect its brightness and transmission distance, so after using for a period of time all need timely to wipe, in this way, can make project-light lamp look brand-new. Second, the timely replacement of defective lamps and lanterns while big manufacturer to produce LED project-light lamp has relatively high in quality assurance, at the same time the project-light lamp in the process of using is not easy to fail, but will inevitably because all sorts of problems also lead to some lamps and lanterns is damaged, if found such lamps and lanterns, such as lamps and lanterns is broken or other problems, this time also need timely replacement, only in this way can guarantee the role and function of the outdoor lighting system, in addition, if can repair, this time also need to be timely maintenance. Third, the detection circuit in the throw light on the LED lamp for maintenance at the same time, not only need to throw light on the testing and maintenance, at the same time also need to test the circuit, because if the circuit aging or poor contact is the case, also is likely to lead to these cephalosporin can burn out, this will lead to its service life shortens greatly, therefore in order to guarantee the head function can be normal in a long time use, it should be for it to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the circuit, the circuit under the condition of aging, also need to timely replacement. If you can follow these methods use and maintenance of LED project-light lamp, this time will be able to fully play its role, function and, of course, in addition, also need to consider when using the Angle adjustment problems, after all, under the sun, also may change his point of view, so it also need to pay attention to.
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