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How to choose and buy the LED outdoor lighting?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
Buy LED outdoor lighting, most of the enterprises and institutions, enterprises and institutions are hope to be able to choose and buy the high quality LED lights, make leds can bring better lighting effect, at the same time can save electricity and later maintenance costs, so want to really desire is very simple. 1. Selected according to the practical use you know, the brightness of the LED outdoor lighting different price is not the same, in the choose and buy when, if a government department, the area of illuminate of demand is very big, it will have to buy high power, can buy combination lamp or a single lamp, mainly to ensure that the lighting effect. It is important to note to check the LED lamp is in conformity with the laser class I standard, only conform to the lamps and lanterns is qualified. 2. High quality antistatic ability when choosing LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns must first take a look at the strength of the antistatic ability if strong means that its quality is relatively high. Outdoor lighting itself is to have good lighting effect and good decorative effect, so it's antistatic ability must be greater than 700 v. 3. Chip brands LED outdoor lighting glowing effect how to basically see is chip, if the quality of the chip is not enough good, so lighting effect affirmation is not guaranteed. Buyers can have a look at the quality of the chip, emphatically if saying is imported or domestic brands can see the choose and buy of other conditions. 4. Same color permanent corrosion permanent not faded pick LED outdoor lighting is the natural appearance, appearance is not enough if do fine, then there can't see the place even more difficult to guarantee. If the appearance of the shell adopt aluminium alloy die casting, shell adopted uv spraying above, can permanent corrosion resistance do not fade. In light of wavelength is consistent, if the pure color, so can bring better lighting luminous effect. The above points if can consider, then LED outdoor lighting to the choose and buy is no problem. More LED information in: LED project-light lamp.
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