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How to choose the led line lamp manufacturers

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
We know that led lamp line behind being applied more and more widely in our life, so the manufacturer of this kind of lamps and lanterns is becoming more and more people on to install the lamp, want to buy some good quality lamps and lanterns, because the quality of lamps and lanterns is poorer, once appear, fault, so it is very complicated to maintain, so in the face of numerous manufacturers, people at the time of choosing, need to pay attention to what aspects, in order to make to be able to choose a good manufacturer? Below for everyone to introduce people to choose manufacturers need to pay attention to several aspects. To choose a good led line lamp manufacturers, lighting can achieve the better effect, and a good manufacturer of lamps and lanterns has strong durability, people after installing the lamps and lanterns, can ensure that the lamps and lanterns have longer service life and reducing the cost of maintenance, and therefore can be saved a lot of costs. So people how to judge a good manufacturer? People choose the led line lamp manufacturers, usually from products, by products of manufacturers to choose, can generally to understand of the lamps and lanterns of the installed use effect, if the line lamp installation using a year later, it appeared yellowish, people generally do not choose this product, because the lamps and lanterns is yellowish would happen, because the glue used is bad, make it waterproof performance more bad, the cost of the lamp need less, so the price might be cheaper, but after installation will bring more trouble, so don't suggest you choose this product. Good led line lamp manufacturers in the production of this kind of lamps and lanterns, the coming fully into consideration, to achieve a good heat dissipation effect, you need to have the choice of lamps and lanterns aluminum is not easy to deformation, and the heat dissipation is very good also, this would require the aluminum thickness is moderate, generally the thinner aluminum radiator, the bad, good manufacturers in the production of lamps and lanterns, strict control of the materials, there will not be cut corners. In the lines of the led lamp manufacturers to choose, I want to watch components lamp bead, people had better choose some brand lamp bead, in addition to consider the circuit board of lamps and lanterns, the waterproof plug, as well as with the use of these factors will affect the quality of lamps and lanterns, so people in the choice, must choose normal manufacturer of production of lamps and lanterns, so can make lamps and lanterns is in use process, can achieve good use effect.
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