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How to choose the suitable led tree lights?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Led tree lights according to this kind of equipment is at present basically has become a very popular product, however this kind of equipment has become a popular device, a lot of people know that such a device slowly into a wide range of applications, but for this kind of equipment, basically in the process of comprehensive admissions, is mainly used for related building lighting decoration, because this kind of equipment of energy-saving products or which is one of the characteristics of relatively high photosynthetic efficiency and color is rich, and they are relatively long service life, so in the process of comprehensively using such a device can be widely used in many different environments, so when we want to choose the led tree lights according to this kind of equipment, should how to choose, this is most people want to be able to understand one thing. Drive power supply a lot of people know, when we choose the led tree lights according to this kind of equipment, must consider the driving power source, this is a very important link, a higher heat efficiency is relatively low or relatively good stability drive power supply, for the lighting equipment of the whole product is important, then the equipment in the process of selection is not exceptional also, so the led tree lights according to this kind of equipment we basically want to consider the isolation of driving power source, everyone in it must be particularly interested in, if be isolated drive power supply, to do the cross flow pressure, wide in general that is to say, this is a common phenomenon, common to their relatively low power consumption, efficiency is relatively high, there are some situations may require relatively high power consumption, and have short circuit protection, open or mean output overvoltage protection situation, in this respect, as well as to meet the reasonable design of some security. Led light source in the Led according to tree lamp this kind of equipment to conduct a comprehensive selection process, in order to achieve a certain brightness, basically on the selection of light source is important to note that different lighting design adopted by the shadowing is different, the effect of heat dissipation also will be different, the natural lighting will be different, not in order to save costs and choose some lower grade or lower the brightness of the light who sucks, that is to say, from the point of the present situation, the brightness of the such a device, if we can reach the standard we want, rely on is the light source, can never do another light source, the brightness of the basically it is unlikely to be what we want. Radiator according in led tree lights this equipment selection process, you'd better to consider the radiator, radiator, as a major market structure is also very important a select material, generally such the extent to which a material will directly decides the whole equipment is standard or not.
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