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How to correctly install the new led project-light lamp?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
New led project-light lamp at the time of actual for installation, process is very complex, a lot of professional problems are basically need more professionals to solve, actually such a product when to install, best can in first time is installed correctly, so how to effectively correct installation, it seems to be bothering a lot of people, of course most of my friends in for installation, I want to know, that is, some of their installation way and method. 【 1 】 Choose the professional installer in led the new cast light on the process of actual installation, be sure to select the most professional installation is, because in this there is going to be a more professional installation problem, so be sure to select the right product for installation, and we are in for installation, must learn some of their installation, because itself right installer will bring us more professional guarantee, at the time of installation must have the corresponding qualifications, these professionals can better to deal with, in such a process, fully able to constantly learn practical problems, once when the new led project-light lamp for installation encountered more problems, they all can be solved in the first place. 【 2 】 Check in led products are about the new cast light on the process of actual installation, the product itself must have a general check, this step is necessary, for the installation position is also very important, when choose to install, there are a lot of easy burning material, so in it must be kept a certain distance, and we also should pay attention to when installing all of the project-light lamp when installed around the power cord don't particularly tight, want to let the power cord have the line of the input and output buffer space must especially pay attention to, for the product itself has a general check. Led the new cast light on the process of actual installation, install more ways and methods, it is important to note that when installing from product prior to installation or a series of problems encountered in the process of product installation are looking for professional personage to check, only in this way can guarantee the final installation, will bring us the best effect, because at the time of installation to the greatest degree of eliminate safe hidden trouble, do not want to be buried when used at the last safe hidden trouble, so at the time of installation must shut down all of my power, under the premise, to safeguard the personal safety of all installation personnel.
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