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How to discern the stand or fall of high power LED wash wall light?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
Among the existing social environment, more and more friends to buy high power LED wash wall lamp, the most concern is how to distinguish the stand or fall of the wash wall lamp, actually, we must master a variety of different ways of identifying. First, to see the glue in the high power LED wash wall lamp in the process of the actual product category, we must have a look at the glue usage here, for now this some glue wash wall lamp basically is very important, a lot of glue might after a year if severe yellowing phenomenon, because of their special material is poor, and there are a lot of glue, basically are in the name of the pu glue for sale of the waterproof performance is relatively poor, especially easy to yellow, even lead to darken. So they and normal waterproof pu glue price difference is relatively far, basically price may vary more than double. Second, the aluminum in the process of high power LED wash wall light for actual choice, be sure to have a look at a variety of different materials, now the line of light in the process of material selection, certainly also have formal manufacturers to produce by normal manufacturer production of the heat dissipating performance of this kind of material? This is when a lot of people in the choice of one of the most important standards, in fact, if we want to select relevant material, so may feel aluminum months also is better, but it isn't so, like in real life with us makeup, makeup, the better, don't you, the more good-looking? Is certainly not the aluminum when trying to choose if you want to do it is not easy to deformation and heat dissipation is good, then you must choose a moderate thickness, can't say that just want to choose the thicker the product, can only say that we are in the choice to learn about their heat loss, the thinner aluminum radiator is bad, may be prone to extrusion deformation during install. Third, see light bead components in the industry if you want to choose high power LED wash wall lamp, so in the process of actual choice, certainly also depends on the lamp bead components, in view of the existing condition, we must buy to more good products, so in the process of choosing the best able to take a look at these parts material production situation, choose regular big manufacturer produces material, is the only way to ensure that the final production effect, and it is better to buy a suitable for their own products. How to choose suits own high power LED wash wall lamp, how to identify wash wall lamp production equipment quality? Through the above some of the ways that I believe you should know, when we in the choice to choose according to actual situation.
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