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How to discern the stand or fall of LED wash wall light?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-09
LED wash wall light in real life, for most people is a very important kind of decoration equipment, in many cases, want to master is how to discern the stand or fall of LED wash wall lamp, actually in the process of actual processing, we will have a variety of solutions, we have to through other ways to effectively identify. Way 1: see glue LED wash wall light in use after a year, if appear serious yellowing phenomenon, is because of the special, the dosage of the glue on the market many of them are used in the name of the Pu waterproof glue to sell inferior glue, waterproof properties is relatively poor, prone to yellow or dark, it and the price of the normal waterproof glue differs very far, basically these prices are also more than double. 2 ways: see aluminum in LED wash wall lamp for actual use, also want to have a look at the whole aluminum material, ultra-thin aluminum particularly easy to deformation, in view of the existing condition of LED wash wall lamp on the choice of the whole aluminum material, if it is a normal manufacturer, will consider its cooling performance, will first considering the heat dissipation performance is the best, feel better after aluminum month, but actually that is not true, just like our normal make-up, after you make up the thick foundation the is more good-looking? Definitely not green vegetables, if you want to do it is not easy to deformation heat dissipation is relatively good, just must choose appropriate thickness, cannot say blindly want the thicker the aluminum, the better, if the LED wash wall lamp is the thinner aluminum radiator, the better, actually also is not the case, the thinner aluminum heat dissipation is not good, to install, easy to appear extrusion deformation, under normal circumstances the thickness of the aluminum should be kept in proper thickness. 3 ways: see lamp bead many packaging manufacturer of components in the same industry reputation larger is also very famous, specific what kind of factory I believe you can be in the same industry to understand, we are going to have a look at the lights, components, LED wash wall light inside will now have more lamp bead components, if there are some unscrupulous manufacturers, can flaunt their price are all brand, but in fact the lamp bead components selection is not particularly good manufacturer production, that is to say, took a few cents to pretend to be a big brand of chip, of course the price certainly are very expensive, so in this case, we must learn to identify effective, light bead chip is good or bad will directly determine the LED wash wall lamp whether can use how long, through to determine price, cheap goods is not good or reasonable.
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