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How to judge from basic parameters to the quality of the LED wash wall light?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
Building exterior decoration LED wash wall lamp, not only is advantageous to the night lighting, decoration and conducive to the city's night. So this is important in many cities to take outside the building method of a kind of adornment, but different decoration, the present result is a different night. So on hold to buy this product, can buy suitable products according to the adornment effect is very important. Especially the use of the product quality is also very important, so in the process of buying products, comprehensive evaluation of the quality of the products has become a necessary part of the content. A mastery of the power, voltage of product know this product in the process of product, the parameters of the power and voltage become the two very important constituent parts. From the power of the product side, no fixed rules in terms of power, the power of the actual product can be divided into a lot of kinds, different power products in terms of lighting effects, according to the actual situation to choose. In respect of voltage, dc and ac become two important ways, two kinds of voltage stability in the aspects of ideal become a must consider whether the content of the. Two, pay attention to the protection grade problem in order to purchase the LED wash wall lamp, there is a very ideal quality aspects of the application, the actual product in terms of degree of protection has become a part of must be considered. And from the perspective of the protection grade of the product, if you can prevent dust from entering the became an important standard, people should also be noted that if after soaking water still have good working effect is also very important, for these basic content should be taken very seriously attitude to their thoughts. Three, pay attention to the content of the light Angle when the product of different actual light Angle, such irradiation distance and the effect after irradiation will there is a big difference. So the product can have good light Angle should seriously analysis, but about light Angle can be adjusted according to the actual installation process. At the same time, people should also be noted that the specific product of mirror is also very important, mirror whether easy to spray became can not ignore the content, should be to think about. So in the case of LED wash wall light quality judgment can very good understanding, hope every friend will seriously think about related knowledge of the product. And friends it should be noted that the product of the basic parameters can fully explain a production technical issues. Hope every buyers can be very serious analysis of the knowledge in the procurement, eventually will be able to purchase to use effect really good product, in the process of using using state before it can be very ideal.
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