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How to judge the quality of the LED lamp line?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
Now among all kinds of decorating a process, whether indoor or outdoor decoration decorate, are used to all sorts of lamps and lanterns, including LED lamp line, the line lamp application more and more widely, so for this kind of lamps and lanterns of market demand is very big, so there might be some fake and inferior products, so in this case line lamp of choose and buy when they must learn to judge the stand or fall of quality, so how can judge? First, look for LED lamp line, glue on the installation and use of time will find there are some glue, the glue is used to fix the main function of the component, for some poor glue material line lamp, in the use of yellow, after a year may be serious and this glue waterproof performance is poor, so in this case it must first have a look at it the glue is used waterproof PU glue. Second, the lamp is to use aluminum as the main line of aluminous material known as leds, the structure of the material and the stand or fall of aluminous material will also affect the overall structural features as well as the quality, not as thick as possible, if aluminum thick can affect heat dissipation, and at the time of installation may not be easy, so be sure to choose the aluminum thickness is moderate, but cannot select the product of aluminum is too thin, because at the time of installation for compressive deformation easily. Third, the choice of the circuit board for different LED lamp line, at the time of production of circuit boards are not the same, if the quality of circuit board is good, so when in use, this line is the service life of the lamp will be a little longer, so the line lights when the choose and buy, be sure to have a look at it the circuit board is used some high quality and advanced circuit board, because this important impact on the use of line lamp! Fourth, the waterproof plug which is more important on the one hand, because the application of LED lamp line now more and more widely, so a lot of manufacturers in the fierce competition environment of all want to be able to hold down costs, thus may steal power reduction of material, so they will not use waterproof plug, but the lines are generally not good light quality, which is also must pay attention! If you want to buy the high quality of LED lamp line, then it must be in accordance with the standards of described above to select, through these four aspects will be able to choose the line of high quality light, only in this way the lines to reach the ideal decorative effect, and the cost will be longer when using, so this kind of line lamp although the price is quite high, but the cost is very low, so be sure to buy the line of high quality light!
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