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How to make oneself have a place in the article led lights industry

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-13
Both article led lights industry and business in other industries should have their own thoughts, abide by the predecessors set of rules. As the saying goes, all things are difficult before they are easy, but after the familiar with the industry to this industry will have a certain understanding, familiar, and can be figured out the rule of this industry, then add their own thinking and perseverance will have seats in a certain field. We summarize the startup in the article led lights industry should pay attention to what? We summarizes several experiences to share with you: 1, don't frighten yourself before ready to startup, nor audacity, this age is not the support dead daring starve timid era. Article and what will we do in the led industry when ready first, for example in the face of a customer base and the shop's location must be reasonable face to face. Be sure to have a perfect after-sales service, the customer is supreme concept is not empty talk. 2, the product is our main vein in business, we must complete the product positioning, prior to learn product knowledge to improve their professional skills. 3, as the saying goes, money doesn't buy friends, friends much better road. Don't only think peer competition relationship, everything is a whole, anything did not exist in isolation. Although is counterparts but we also want to cooperation in the competition, competition in the cooperation, this is in conformity with the evolution theory, the survival of the fittest, and can enhance their competitive strength. To their peers to help you, believe you, first she must believe your peers. Them as friends. Like I'm in article led lights, crystal chandeliers, crystal wall lamp, crystal absorb dome light. But the industry still have do LED lamps, LED wall lamp, desk lamp, LED absorb dome light and sheepskin lamp, flat bedroom lamp, LED desk lamp, LED fluorescent lamp, etc. These are all can be complementary resources. 4, reasonable management staff, employees are their own team. Ma said the customer first, employees second, shareholders third. The idea is very practical. Top you at the time of the most difficult customers, employees, shareholders is the only thing would be to each rush thing. 5, attitude decides everything, not just in the article led lights on the entrepreneurial drive, must have the attitude of perseverance, not afraid of difficulties. We should treat our customers customer service for the manner of the god, as the saying goes: no gas in the business.
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