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In 2018: LED into the night view lighting lighting market layout is decisive for one year

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
In 2018: LED into the night view lighting lighting market layout decisive year source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 04 views: the author with a led lighting new news information according to the report, warburg, said in 2018, our country night view lighting lighting industry upstream enterprise nearly 60, there are more than 1000 middle device packaging enterprises, the downstream application has more than 2000 enterprises, employees more than 800000 people. Due to the blind development, China's LED lighting industry expose the lack of core technology, lack of innovation, market competition, and other issues. The ministry of industry planning and guidance will be good for the healthy development of LED industry. Orient securities, said in 2018, the policy of pushing is the key to rapid growth of LED lighting, the central level will play a leading role in the standard and system, and the local government financial support several times to subsidies from the central level, the penetration of booster LED lighting. China and application of semiconductor lighting/LED industry alliance was formally established. According to media reports, after the league was founded, the main work includes propulsion of semiconductor lighting/LED industry core technologies and products of independent innovation, promote transformation of scientific and technological achievements into realistic productivity, etc. In addition, but also promote semiconductor lighting/LED industry public service system construction, the technology standard research, etc. Will focus on strengthening the guidance and planning, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, strengthen the construction of standard, intellectual property and testing system, and strengthen the industry chain upstream and downstream interaction, strengthening the popularization and application of LED in all areas and other aspects to promote the development of LED industry. From the scale, ubs securities, said the potential application of general lighting is LED big market, the global lighting market in 2010, 600 billion yuan, general lighting, 450 billion yuan. Permeability at the same time, the LED lighting production, is expected to reach 20% in 2018, by 2020, LED lighting production permeability is expected to reach 50%. Ubs securities, estimates from 2018 to 2016, industry average annual compound growth rate of 35%, from 2016 to 2020, average annual compound growth rate of 15%, the trade volume will increase from 2010, 70 billion yuan to 500 billion yuan. In fact, is not only in our country, LED lighting is gradually become the focus of global attention. The personage inside course of study says, because of the influence of the global economic downturn, demand shrank in 2018 LED industry, industry growth is slowing, originally hot back light application efficiency and also because of chip LED backlight module design improvement, using fewer reasons such as decay, the global LED industry appeared signs of recession. Reflect on the secondary market, the LED industry valuations relative to there is an obvious decline in the first half of 2018. Nevertheless, the personage inside course of study also points out that a recession is just a temporary phenomenon. In 2018, will become the world banned incandescent lamp market watershed, there will be more than two-thirds of the parts of the world started to ban the use of incandescent lamp or high wattage incandescent lighting. At the same time, along with the increase of government policy subsidies strength, and understand the mature market for environmental protection and energy saving products, LED lighting production will increase by a wide margin, and LED lighting is expected to become the industry pioneer. The personage inside course of study says, 2018 was LED into the lighting market defining year layout, terminal price or the outbreak of the key driving factor will be LED demand. Ubs securities said that if the retail price of LED lighting products at the end of 2018 by 50%, then the product demand is expected to raise 4 - Six times, and from the manufacturing cost, the channel profit and government subsidy and so on analysis, LED terminal retail prices hit fifty percent next year is possible. Above is zhongshan engineering co. , LTD. , has given you new information! Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: lighting engineering lighting planning and design of urban lighting planning lighting design lighting lighting design and lighting design
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