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In detail what is LED project-light lamp and the characteristics of it

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-04
In detail what is LED project-light lamp and its characteristics. LED project-light lamp mainly adopts comprehensive LED lighting technology, according to the characteristics of the LED semiconductor luminescence, clever circuit design and the unique illumination geometry appearance make the LED lamp power saving can reach more than 80%, the real reached a high efficiency and energy saving. Long service life and up to 40000 hours, in various special environments, such as low temperature, high temperature conditions are good to use. It has solved the semiconductor lighting in the field of lighting power is low, the problem of lack of brightness, shows excellent brightness characteristics. Don't need a ballast, without starting difficulty problem, over current, over voltage, short circuit, temperature, surge protection, its lighting optical performance than 75 w / 400 w / 1000 w metal halide lamp is brighter, more perfect. What is the LED project-light lamp? LED project-light lamp ( LED筒灯) Also called spot, projection lamp, lamp and so on, mainly used for building decoration lighting, lighting, and commercial space, decorative elements heavier, its appearance has a round and square, because usually need to consider the reason of the heat dissipation, so its appearance and traditional project-light lamp or have some difference. Second, LED project-light lamp features: on the market at present commonly used LED project-light lamp is basically choose 1 w high power LED Each LED components will have a high photosynthetic efficiency made of PMMA lens, its main purpose is the secondary distribution of LED light, which is the secondary optical) , there are a few companies handle well because the cooling technology, and choose the LED 3 w and higher power. Suitable for big occasions flood lighting, building lighting, etc. Project-light lamp what other things need to pay attention to? 1, high purity aluminum reflector, the beam is the most accurate and reflective effect is best. Type 2, symmetry narrow Angle, wide Angle and asymmetric light distribution system. 3, behind? [6] reef? In the light bulb, easy maintenance. 4, lamps and lanterns scale plate are provided convenient adjust the irradiation Angle. LED project-light lamp by microchip control, in the small engineering applications, can be used without the controller, can realize the gradient, jump, color twinkle twinkle, random, alternating gradient dynamic effect, also can be controlled by DMX, pursue, such as scanning effect. At present, the main place for application about these: individual buildings, buildings facade lighting, building light outside the local lighting, landscape lighting, indoor lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities, bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment atmosphere illumination and so on.
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