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In the face of the LED lamp to enter the market of traditional lighting lamps and lanterns should I do

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
With the continuous development of industry of lamps and lanterns, LED in lighting industry, in the face of the lamps and lanterns of intense competition, the traditional lighting industry will be how to keep their market positions. Under the impact of LED, in the face of such 'value system changes, lighting veterans in innovation to make the choice of how? Jingdezhen CV 18 spring place blue tie up branches thin body porcelain ceramic desk lamp in the historical long river, LED also can calculate a new light source, will not than the revolution of fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp is bigger. But from the microcosmic view, the change of depth, breadth, speed far above all previous light source. So, the traditional lighting companies, is the long term sustainability of change, in the short term is a breakthrough innovation and change. From the point of the brand, the traditional lighting companies in terms of brand awareness, brand association and brand positioning has given the industry or the end user has caused a certain or very strong brand image. And LED lighting enterprise in the field of LED lamps and lanterns of branding and image set and spare no effort, in this way, with the passage of time and market maturity, stay, stay is gold, the terminal market is bound to be the future of LED lamps and lanterns of good reputation, long history, strong research and development capabilities and professional brand, and traditional lighting enterprise will be slow because of the marketing and the spread of the brand image transfer is not strong enough and abandoned. Will hold the point of view, this is a breakthrough innovation, difficult, traditional lighting enterprise characteristic of the research and development, the wholesale market of lamps and lanterns, procurement, qc team are not qualified for this new task, and even the original sales, piping systems may be hard to parry, need to add a lot of resources, and even to direct the use of capital means making acquisitions and cooperation. 'LED situation, the traditional lighting companies need to break through innovation, not every traditional lighting enterprise need to build a large LED research and development team, on the one hand, it is not necessary to repeat others' crooked road. 'osram opto application design center in Asia, says Dr Senior application engineer wen-chen Chen' now LED talented person, don't blind impulse, accurately positioning is critical for the enterprise. Don't blind impulse, looking for is not only selling products, more reliable solution provided high-quality suppliers, will save a lot of manpower and cost. 'traditional industry only speed up innovation, based on the lighting industry in the future for a long time. There are two kinds of enterprise innovation, continuous innovation and breakthrough innovation consciousness. Firms' value system changes, as people change to evaluation criteria of the product, did not predict to the change of competitors will fail. Then, under the impact of LED, in the face of such 'value system changes, the action on traditional lighting enterprise innovation.
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