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Indoor lighting products will be rapid growth

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-11
Indoor lighting products will be rapid growth source: zhongshan lighting engineering co. , LTD. , release date: 2020 - 03 - 05 views: the led lamps and lanterns has always been the mainstream of indoor lighting lamps and lanterns, in the indoor lighting, lighting has been adhering to the quality first, the basic principles of nothing more, for the society to provide quality lamps and lanterns, as well as the perfect indoor lighting decoration. America is the main export market of LED lighting products, since 2013, our country export amount of LED lighting products are exported to the United States after the first one, the U. S. market sustained high growth, the amount is big, fast growth, rich product demand. From the point of products exported to the United States type, category structure change is not big, but the indoor lighting lamps and lanterns of growth is far higher than outdoor lighting. According to CSA Research to sort out customs data found that beacon has not provided the proportion about 45%, besides did not indicate the category information, export to the United States the first few class product category is the ball bubble lamp, torch, shoot the light, garden light, decorative light, lamp, tube lamp, project-light lamp, mainly for indoor lighting products. A few big mainstream product growth is faster, rising proportion. The ball steep light is one of the products exports. China's exports to the United States ball steep light from zero in 2011. $1. 5 billion in 2012 to zero growth. 1 $4. 2 billion, 2013. $1. 9 billion, 2014, 2. 1. 8 billion dollars, the total weight for 15. 2%. For several years with high growth, among them, the first three years of growth of nearly 200%. The first quarter of 2015, the ball bubble lamp exports to $46. 71 million, rose - 3%, slightly down. Secondly, torch, accounted for 18%, again is to shoot the light, accounted for 15%, both in 2015 first quarter growth of 93% and 14% respectively. In addition, the growth of light is grille lamp, canister light, flat lamp and buried lights, grille lamp exports in the first quarter rose 1105% from 2014, but the market share of small is only 0. 4%, flat light overall growth of 408% in 2014, the first quarter of 2015 lasted for 2014 years of growth, up 310% from a year earlier, the market share of three. In 2014 and 4% increased by 2. 6%. Tube lights and buried lights year-on-year growth rate of 372% and 179% respectively. With the accelerating LED lighting penetration and expanding global LED lighting market, with more than 2014 'white ban' has entered a substantive execution phase, in 2015 as the ball bubble, torch, shoot the light, flat light of indoor lighting LED lighting products will continue rapid growth. Lighting, outdoor landscape lighting area, is a good addition to the beautiful China! Engineering lighting service calls: related tags: zhongshan lighting engineering of the bridge lighting lighting tower floor lighting scenic spot lights
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