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Innovation and energy saving into the LED industry fast development the key

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
Yesterday, sponsored by the China lighting association 2014 annual peak BBS China lighting 2014 LED crossover Beijing BBS innovation and China LED the first awards ceremony in Beijing China international exhibition center integrated services building 201 grand opening. Meeting to discuss the development of Chinese urbanization and lighting market outlook, China's semiconductor lighting products in the application problems and solutions, as well as the lighting industry and the market in 2013 concluded industry outlook in 2014. Assembly consists of China lighting academy, the secretary-general guo-qing tang chaired the semiconductor lighting technology and application of branch. Said DouLinPing, deputy secretary-general of China lighting academy, China LED lighting industry in 2013 change, promote the popularization stage have entered the market marked the year, this year's market opening more than 2013, advocate the innovation of the industry become a mainstream industry development. How to make the new LED light source is faster, more and better to illuminate streets and homes, popularize and apply. Perfect scientific system, only has the capability of independent innovation, innovation to realize socialization enterprise to have a say in the market, grasp the initiative, frequently on the photoelectric always keep in mind that such a reason. The enterprise market positioning in LED application field, the innovation of the target for the LED application technology. LED products terminal market, the market eventually buy LED lamps and lanterns, buy is LED lighting solution. So, LED application products is very important, the market is very broad. Focus on LED application technology research and development, the areas around the high power LED semiconductor lighting, in LED outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, landscape lighting, ongoing technological breakthrough track traffic lighting, etc. Innovation constantly pursuing new and change, can not be stuck in the past; Innovation requires good eclecticism, not behind closed doors. 's enterprise innovation, is now in the open field of vision on the market, in society, the extensive use of social innovation resources, and let every other innovation main body of the talents, capital, information, technology innovation elements such as forms. Leading products, design will come first. In LED application technology innovation and business model innovation, many LED companies are carrying out, the strong propulsion. And you want to get a decisive advantage in the industry, will be relatively difficult. But on the industrial design innovation, and now has a large market space in the future. Maintained that innovation is not relaxed, frequently renew brilliance on innovation.
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