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Install LED wash wall lamp, need to prepare for what matters

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-06
LED wash wall light before installation, must need to do some preparation work, such ability can contribute to successful installation. Now let's see, what preparation is needed in advance. 1. Before the installation need to make sure that the lamp is for internal control and external control, and the corresponding controller model. And want to achieve what kind of lighting effects, is the need to operate by controller internal editor. Mainly has three color gradient, jump, run, all water effect, etc. , the effect of different display needs to be in the controller programming. 2. The next step is to start go line, basically have drive and the discharge line of lamps and lanterns, reconfirm voltage controller and lamps and lanterns, a number of lamps and lanterns and controller corresponding control. And LED wash wall lamp controller generally have D + and D - , GND three different goods, and don't forget to the ground, it directly affects the use of security issues. Controller programs must be written in advance and repeatedly under test result, can't go wrong, then want to change is not so easy. And add cable under test, signal correctly or not. The above are ready how began to test preparation. Many times the switch of electric shock, aging test, through the test we can see whether the lamps and lanterns is not flashing, not bright, beads and so on the illustration of the phenomenon. If the above work very well, you can LED wash wall lamp acceptance, for the next installation work. Don't figure more convenient. You know, the installation itself is larger, if involves the maintenance of the late, must cost is high. If not test well, because there is no you then prepared in advance of installation, lead to the need for maintenance, it is not worth, the cost is high. Not just a question of unilateral, and requires all aspects of maintenance, testing, where specific problems, anyway, whatever you do don't do preparation in advance, if no problem, well, this probability is relatively small, if there is a problem, then it is not solvable. More LED information in: LED wash wall lamp
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