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Install LED wash wall light should pay attention to those items?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-05
A lot of friends at the time of purchase LED wash wall light don't know how to choose, especially don't know to buy the main line on the number of meters and science today give you about in the process of buying LED wash wall lamp can choose how to effectively. First, wash the wall lamp when installation should pay attention to the points: 1, the different material line can load current is different, you should pay attention to choose the material of the mainline when buy, in addition the main line of the diameter size also affects to the biggest load current. 2, learn to calculate safe load flow method, let installation no longer blind. 3, different line can withstand the power flow is different, so you don't use the same for when buying an algorithm, such as wire and aluminum wire current is different then a common thread is able to withstand the electricity flow on different therefore we must carry on the different ways to calculate. Second, different lamp when installed power is different; Customers when installing LED wash wall lamp can according to their own requirements for installation, the power of the different number of lamps and lanterns with different dosage, generally down say commonly used to wash the wall lamp power in 12 w - commonly 72 w. Then, are involved in the process of using the rated power, 35 w - in the industry 400 w power between the scope of the power is considered to be safer and rainproof power is greater than or equal to eighty percent, in the process of calculation need to pay attention to the situation. At the time of calculation to the power of lamps and lanterns, the power of the power line on the number of meters and able to withstand the biggest electricity, several groups of data set into the formula to calculate, so you can know how many LED wash wall lamp with how many meters the main line. Author warm reminder option when buy a reliable LED wash wall light company is the first step for the installation, but in the process of installation with each person is different, so when cannot solve problems or do not know when to consult professional company or team. So on safety guaranteed, professional team to install more authority in a lot of professional knowledge. More LED information in: photoelectric website
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