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Install the led outdoor lighting should consider the efficiency of the light

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-08
With the continuous development of science and technology, now led outdoor lighting in our life more and more widely applied, it had been applied to indoor lighting, has been widely used in outdoor lighting, during the process of lighting, people to this kind of lamp lighting requirement is very high, require the use of light to compare even, so the products usually have light guide and light of lamp shade, the existence of the guide plate, make the light through the shade, it light loss too much more special, as high as fifty percent or even higher, in order to improve the brightness of the light, so people often by increasing the power of light, or increase the number of the led chip, but doing so would increase the cost, cause waste of energy, but also can make the lamp body is easy to heat, affect the service life of the lamp. To use when the led outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, the aluminum alloy shell are generally used for control, makes the product showed a solid, corrosion resistance, easy installation, and many other characteristics, and the surface of lamps and lanterns is the electrostatic pensu processing, it has very good high temperature resistance and climate resistance, it is to use the reflector imported anodized aluminum plate, it also ensures that the light energy output is high, it USES the high strength of toughened glass, make its light transmittance is very high, and has a strong resistance to impact, it can achieve IP65 protection class, the structure of the product makes the product is in use, can have very good light efficiency. Led outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns in order to be able to make the light more evenly, and the light rate is high, the new type of material is used for change, in the midst of led outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns USES nonlinear optical effects processor, made of light and color is very natural, and let a person feel very comfortable on the vision, so it is suitable for use in some public places, through the study of the change of some colors, foil makes the surrounding environment is better, look more brilliant, let people can't help but stop to watch. After a series of improvement of led outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, product performance has been very stable now, and people to use it for a long time, makes it very durable, and can achieve a better effect to use, people choose the product, must have to consider the effect of light, to light the light rate into consideration, so to have the choice to use material. People in the use of led outdoor lighting, outdoor environment, need to be taken into account for the use of led equipment can very good withstand natural, won't appear premature damage situation, can have a longer service life.
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