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Install the LED project-light lamp need to pay attention to?

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-10
Now in the midst of a number of important occasions, may need to use the LED project-light lamp, but for most people, they just know the lamps and lanterns, but does not know whether this kind of lamps and lanterns is in the process of use should be how to install, more do not know in which need to pay attention to the details of the installation process, so this article is detailed to introduce for you some of the points for attention, have a look at the cast light when installation should how to do, learn together. First, we should choose appropriate lamps and lanterns is in the process of installing LED project-light lamp, believe you will find that, for different occasions when using the project-light lamp need to choose different lamps and lanterns, although it is also produced by using LED light source of lamps and lanterns, but it is also divided into different power and different projection distance, so when the choice must have a look at how far the projection distance, then according to their own needs to choose the lamps and lanterns of appropriate tools, only in this way can truly meet the needs of lighting, otherwise, even if its power is very big, may not meet your demand of lighting distance. Second, to roughly check this product is also a must to do a job, but at the time of installation LED project-light lamp is also requires a certain time and energy, so must be for the product before installation to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the first thing to see whether it can normal lighting, at the same time also to have a look at the outer surface of lamps and lanterns will rupture or is all sorts of flaws such as crack problem, if it were not for the problem, then the products in general are able to meet the demand of use, if found the problem, must change, that there is no problem of lamps and lanterns, such ability can avoid repeated installation. Third, after installation check before installation to the LED lamps and lanterns to conduct a comprehensive inspection, but after LED project-light lamp installation is complete, and you must to conduct a comprehensive inspection of it, this time can have a look at, by means of electricity what is pervious to light the lamp may be without power, or is obvious irradiation distance to reach the factory standard, if there are these anomalies, so the lamps and lanterns of the need for these problems to conduct a comprehensive inspection, if it is found that because of the quality of the lamps and lanterns, they must be removed timely at this point, and then returned to the factory repair or replacement. When you finish reading the article in the introduction, you should be able to know at the time of installation LED project-light lamp, what need to pay attention to the problem, the above these aspects are very important, absolutely can not ignore, of course, in the process of installation, be sure to let those who master professional and technical installation, such ability can avoid poor illumination problems because of the installation.
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