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Intelligent lighting gradually into the LED industry new profit growth point

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-13
Intelligent lighting gradually into the LED industry development trend, the user can be set up according to their own requirements lighting, to control the color and brightness of the LED lights, lighting requirements to meet the different occasions. Not only that, through the sensors, LED had 'awareness', according to the surrounding environment to adjust brightness. With intelligent lighting 'light as long as according to the need to take place is enough. 'in the industry point of view, only in this way you don't have the light of pollution and waste. 'if the environment is very bright, or no one around, it would reduce the emitted light, in order to achieve environmental protection purposes. If the outside world is very black, or someone, especially at midnight, the light will become brighter. 'the fujian quanzhou company said. Learned, and solar energy, glittering and translucent high-tech, crystal blue light, electricity and other things in quanzhou enterprises have been developing networking applications in the field of LED. 'switch lamp mode there are some drawbacks of existing manual operation. Manual control switch, for example, the timing of the lamp is fixed, because of the seasonal change, alternation of night and day, cloudy day to factors such as fog rain turned on time every day, different brightness levels; And the equipment is easy to appear tripping, loss of lamps and lanterns, cannot ensure timely repair and replacement of damaged lamps and lanterns. 'crystal tech center director Huang Liangxi said, through intelligent management platform, only need a computer, a little mouse, you can fine control every street lamp, realize flexible open and close, dimmer, fault early warning, to guarantee the quality of the lighting at the same time, the maximum energy saving. To create new profit growth point 'now you often in mobile phones, is not bad to change, but the new function of mobile phones has increased a lot. So a product to occupy the market must provide more value-added and new features, so for LED products. 'in a lot of quanzhou, head of the photoelectric enterprise point of view, the current LED terminal price continues to decline, profits evaporated, while building intelligent lighting industry a new growth point. The personage inside course of study as a rough estimate, 'in the next few years, China LED light source, the size of the market will break through the $100 billion. Permeability and the intelligence of the current domestic lighting market is less than 2%, product applications mainly reflects in adjustable light LED landscape light, color temperature LED street lamp and its monitoring, etc. The future smart home lighting, road lighting will greatly expand the market. Even by 20% permeability calculation, there are tens of billions of dollars, Total one hundred billion yuan) The market space to explore. 'in addition, will also greatly enhance product added value. Philips after launching a used iPhone, tablet ( With a built-in application) WiFi control LED lights, can independently adjust the brightness and color, the system for 199. 95 dollars, even buy a light bulb alone to 59. 95 dollars, the price is normal LED lights for several times. According to the survey found, with the power drive chip LED lamps and lanterns of ex-factory price by 20% to 30% higher than common lamps and lanterns. That's an intelligent configuration for at least a 20% increase in gross margin, lamps and lanterns and even some high-end adjustable light products can reach above 30%.
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