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Is expected by the end of 2013 sets of 300000 light LED street lamp

by:Zhongzhen     2020-12-12
LED lighting applications continues to grow, in terms of outdoor lighting, in recent years, especially in the LED road light's most high-profile case. In Taiwan, the Taiwan street market is about 1. 8 million light, along with early have replacement LED street lamps, and in 2012 the government released 2 billion yuan road light case, estimated to purchase more than 20 LED street lamp, forecast by the end of 2013, Taiwan has been installed the LED street lamp could reach more than 30 lamp, LED street light penetration will reach 15% 20%. It is reported, released in 2012 LED street lamp procurement budget of 2 billion yuan, most of the counties and cities area most has the bid opening, but most are not installed, is expected in 2013 will continue to install light. As for keelung, hsinchu, Taiwan and other regions, combined the LED street lamp procurement budget of about 600 million yuan, the case is not tender, are also expected to in 2013. Overall, Taiwan currently about 1. 8 million lamp, street lamp quantity in this wave of more than 2 billion yuan purchase bid to purchase 20 light LED street light to calculate, by the end of 2013, Taiwan may have more than 300000 lamp LED street light, LED street light permeability estimate of 15% as a whole 20%. Engineering institute argues that, compared with other parts of the world, Taiwan's very high proportion of LED street lamp installation. Although China had shout out ten city light LED street lamp for construction project, but in mainland China street lamp nearly 20 million lamp that estimate, the total number of even thousands of all installed the LED street lamps, LED street lamp installation rate is still low in mainland China. Early Taiwan LED road light case, however, is the lowest way, also is the lowest price bidder, because manufacturers complain that can make money later, once into the best standard, which also included in the price, specification, technology, is in line with the degree of localization of terms, etc. Review project appraisal, originally wanted to improve the profit space of the bidder, but later or tend to win at the lowest possible price. Therefore, whether this wave of LED street lamp replacement bid LED lights supplier can bring how many substantial profit space, remains to be seen.
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